Chairoscuro: Ixchel Of the Seven

Breaker of Lights


Not a god exist in this age who can claim to have held their purview so tightly for so long. A number exist who are older among the bureaus of Destiny, Seasons, Nature, and Heaven. A fair few existed that vanished with the death of their purview over the millennia as well, fighting fiercely for what they were. Yet, in the end, how can you not hold tightly what you will only ever have?

I served preeminently within the court of the City-Father of Chairoscuro, I need not remind those among my colleagues, the greatest city of the Now-Yozi within Creation. Is this a black mark, if so I can only wear it with a quiet pride. Many of those I served with may now be gone, but I carry their memories. I remember when…perhaps that is a tale for another time, in private.

When I look towards the future now, as I watch scraps and shards of my purview spread across Creation and disappear forever in the hands of some once-brave humans skeleton, moldering in some forgotten place – how can I feel hope or pride. The future is bleak and the past was glorious – more glorious than than those gods blinded by Yu-Shan’s unblemished glory can recall and greater than these new gods could conceive.

Yet, times change and cycles turn. Now the Solars return and the Lunars become ever more boisterous about their own domains and poor out-of-the-way empires. They too look back on times of glory and look forward at decades or centuries of war and death – I eagerly await the day one might seek to speak with me, well, another.


Chairoscuro: Ixchel Of the Seven

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