Desolace: First and Forsaken Lion

High Lord of the Legion Sanguinary


A powerful ghost and warlord that has ravaged and dominated the Underworld for nearly two millennia. Proud and mighty, but not unbound – the Lion had two masters: the darkness that empowered him and his own passions. No man can have two masters and after a millennium and a half he payed the price for his grasping nature, gifted power withdrawn and his beloved sealed from him for all time – his every sense trapped behind a cold soulsteel prison….

Now he looks more imposing than ever, his temper is short and his hand eager to distract him from his misery in a dance of destruction, but that pride and power is false. He is broken and forsaken – all that fuels his weary soul now is revenge.


Desolace: First and Forsaken Lion

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