Gem: Shine Like Dimond

In Gem one can capture the radiance of the sun and shatter it a thousand times.


A camp does not become a city in a day, it takes decades and even centuries – but here we stand four-hundred and fifty years since our founding. A city does not last that long without strong men to lead it into the next year and well-reared children to carry it into the next decade. I’ve seen a half dozen dynasties rise and fall and now the first return from the dust. This spells interesting times for the city – that a direct line of it’s progenitor has arisen. I feel the same thrum in this Rankar as the first, they are kin in soul regardless of blood.

We will need his strength if Gem is to survive the distressing times ahead. The roads squabble and listen not to an old City-father, but I hear much and what I know so shall the Despot know. This city will be strong, but it can only be as strong as we can make Him.


Gem: Shine Like Dimond

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