Gem: Ulatis'eltimi

Born of Victory


There are cities in the world that call us from impossible distances. Places that ring out with the siren call of glory – a chance to immortalize oneself forever in song or stone. Gem is such a place and I could not refuse her. In my short time here I have seen three Guild caravans safely into the most dangerous places you can imagine, safely I say. I have taken contract from the high palace to investigate dark rumors in the desert and unearthed secrets that would make the skin of a rock crawl! Why, why does a man risk life and limb in places where his body could be lost – beyond decent burial or a moment’s silent remembrance?

It is a dog that begs and skulks for such shreds! A moment?! What is a kiss from a lover compared to a night of lust? What is the breath of the sun kissing a northern maid to the beating torment of the burning villain glaring down upon the Glitterflame. Such things can scarcely be compared. I would risk a moment against lasting glory each and every time my friend. So, keep your ear out for me in the dens and feast-halls of the city. You will hear, yes, you will hear of Ulatis… or you will not.


Gem: Ulatis'eltimi

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