1. Big Boss Benjasis

Unwoven Coadjutor of the mighty Black-Stripe Batu!


Big Boss Benjasis was one of the Erymanthoi, a hardened leader of one chapter of the Sons of the Yozi, an all-Erymanthoi gang of toughs that believe their kind are the purest first circle descendants of the Yozi (CoCDv5, p94). A hulking brute, Big Boss Benjasis’ wiry fur was solid black and he had his claws, teeth and bony protrusions covered in malfean brass inscriptions that boasted of his strength, virility, wealth, prowess and virility. His articulated full plate of malfean lead and basalt kanabo studded with brass were likewise etched with similar boasts extolling his size and other base virtues.

Big Boss Benjasis ruled nearly a whole block of the Demon City, but Metagaos desired a Champion of his own and after prolonged engagement and negotiation with his King, Malfeas passed the custodianship of one of his Exaltations unto the all-Hunger Blossom. Big Boss Benjasis’s domain was overwhelmed by the beggar hordes of the Olive-Lipped Preacher, and he was dragged unto the court of the Shashalme, Garden of Avarice and Twelfth Soul of the All-Hunger Blossom, where indignities unspeakable even within Hell were inflicted upon him to prepare him for his new, sacred task.

Now, firmly nestled somewhere between Black-Stripe Batu’s mind and soul, Big Boss Benjasis whispers the virtues and pleasures of conquest in all it’s myriad forms. The things he wants are things that Blood Apes want. He wants fresh blood and the feeling of someone underneath him screaming, and other, darker things that he has learned Black-Stripe Batu will not condone. He makes due with the myriad pleasures Black-Stripe Batu does indulge in.


1. Big Boss Benjasis

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