Malfeas: Olive-Lipped Preacher

Voice of the Thousand Hoards


The ragged cloak hangs threadbare over the shoulders of the priest, bent and stooped under the weight of his many possessions upon a wonders legs. His teeming hoard of outcaste, banished and fugitive demons flit through the countless demonic domains – prostrate and begging passage when the lord is strong and pressing his vassals into dark corners to pick their pockets when they are weak. Few domains can accommodate all his hoards, nor would they ever pass through the stronger realms, but when gathered together they are fearsome indeed.

Much has changed since Sondok asked he lead one of her own beyond the warrens of the cities and out into the sweet seductive gardens of Avarice. Reputedly, he is there even now enjoying the excesses of the place with a promise from Shashalme that she will spare him at the height of his ecstasy – a rare boon and a shattering of the mind that portends great change.


Malfeas: Olive-Lipped Preacher

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