Yu-Shan: Tempest of First and Last Regret

God of Otherworldly and Extradimensional Drugs


Drugs to manipulate the body, mind and spirit – how many do you think exist? Mortals, short empty lives, who can blame them for broadening their horizons a little. Opium, tobacco, hashish and more alcohols than I’d take the time to count, new ones every year, mundane materials produced by charlatans in the Bureau of Nature and given new purposes by my own peers.

Drugs that cloud the mind or quicken the heart – made from dirt and rain, pah. An artist knows that true wonders come only from pain and sacrifice, not some sap scrapped off a wild growing weed. Something cultivated by mortals and fed cows shit, how can anything made so cheaply have any value? I can tell you of other things that would not cloud your mind, but shatter it forever more. I could show you an experience that would warp your body that it would be unrecognizable! Drugs cultivated from pain, stolen dreams and scores of things besides. Drugs of value….drugs that deserve to be called such.

In this, I smile most favorably upon my peers presiding over alcohols. Creativity exists there, and that is before the mixing, like paint on the palette, they are artists as well. So too drugs made of emotion and pain, as different each time as the one who offers up their essence – the nuances are endless.

I could tell you of one, Dashed Dreams. A lichen first procured from the Fae, it can be harvested when a mortals blood is dashed upon rocks and dies of blood loss. His soul is not consumed, not fully, such would be crime unto heaven, no – only his emotions are consumed by the Wyld-born plant. His body left to rot, the soul separating from the offal. His dreams and desires and fears giving birth to a powerful waking dream – the ultimate trip. How could a weed compare?


Yu-Shan: Tempest of First and Last Regret

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