The Dragons Shattered
RY 771

Two years have passed since the Empress vanished without word or trace. Rumors spread of Thorns and The Bull in the icy North – forces that have resisted and even bested Realm forces. The ports of An-tang were fertile ground for such seditious whispers, slurred words of sailors in their cups, blossoming into the booming rhetoric of rebels and revolutionaries. At first demonstrations in the streets, protesting the Realm’s yoke, but later the burning or seizure of Realm assets. The screaming masses decrying the Lady of Blood and the Crimson Whore, the red flames upon her idols the last tribute and sacrifice they would pay. The Realm Legions never answered, but the House legions of Peleps and Ledaal did. No longer was the Realm a mighty lion with the neck of the world in its jaws – but a many headed hydra snapping all about it.

Hundreds of thousands fled the region – armies crushed under first age relics not used since the Shogunate, demons in their hundreds marched in tight ranks of brass and shadow, while fire and lightning of will-workers painted the sky for weeks on end. Tens of thousands died to disease and strange beasts within the Silent Crescent, more from thirst in the arid empty lands south, and for fear of the Realm dogs at their heels the Diaspora marched until the very horizon shimmered with heat and malice. This was the last anyone has heard of them, their souls feeding the Fae or simply marched out to some slavers den to be sold, who can say?

Yet, this is not why these current times are called the Sundering of the Dragons, for the Realm remains as mighty as ever. No, it is the Dragons of Creation themselves that lay shattered. None to few know how it came to pass, but in the last days of Descending Wood the sky itself cracked and slowly fell to the earth over the span of five days. So large was this fragment that it stretched beyond sight into the frigid North, beyond the eyes of man and beast, landing upon thousands of miles of Creation with the muffled cry of Armageddon. The land bears a dark and mighty bruise and now a seven thousand mile long scar of Shadowed-land severs countless Dragonlines and Creation its very self. Ill winds can be felt and trees sicken – what will your place be in this new world?

The Silver Pact hastens.
The Five Score Fellowship investigates.
The Yozi whimper and celebrate at once …
And for the first time the Deathlords find themselves not knowing the whole of it.



Current Date: Resplendent Wood 10th


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The Dragons Shattered

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