Akhet: Al'Kawthar

Nation God of Akhet and Maiden of the Headwaters


For much of history, Kawthar was the goddess of the Great River. She fed the lakes a bounty of fresh water and was modestly revered as a minor god of the landscape within the Bureau of Nature. Then mortal men began to shape the land of Creation to suit their own ends. At first dikes and reservoirs to fight flooding or drought. These things were well enough. It took away bargaining tools of the gods, but it also bettered their reputations. Yet men are never contented and in time they began to level mountains, drain lakes, and dam mighty rivers. Loyal gods just and true became as the traitors of old, bound and drained of their essence.

Kawthar was a spirit of moving waters and fertility and would not wallow in her new state – did not embrace the slow changes of lethargy and idleness that chewed at her essence seeking to change her. A caged river fights to find another way around. If it is blocked, it will follow another tributary or flood its banks. Yet, the Solar Deliberative was potent and had resources and power beyond reproach. So, Kawthar leaned into her fertility and over many ages impressed herself upon those godly ears who would listen. In time, the Deliberative failed and the Shogunate after them and such actions bore fruit when they were needed most. Of the many gods she courted, Rosh’Aktoa of the Green Mountains made a proposal. He would halt the seasonal flight of water elementals upon his high peaks, ensnaring them for the air court to catch and the wealth of water essence would fall upon the verdant valleys of Akhet and into Kawthar’s hands. She would have the power to burst the dams, flood the reservoirs, and wash away catchment and dike both.

Then the Fae rose up and the Balorian Crusade was begun, the time right, Kawathar flooded and swept away the Wyld things in the thousands. Her lover and consort throwing fire and ash into the sky, draining the bottomless reserves of power from it’s ward. The two combined their efforts and blacked the sky and poisoned the rain such that acid fell and burned the Wyld Things each step of their march. The valleys became lakes and Lake Country was born amidst the deaths of millions.

In the end, the Dragonblooded claimed the victory won by all. Yet, the first people remembered and knew their saviors and these first people built nations. Kawthar became Al’Kawthar, Goddess of Akhet and the Headwater. Over the centuries the Dragonblood have weakened as have the rival faiths. Her priests whisper of things to come.


Akhet: Al'Kawthar

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