Akhet: Masika of the Headwaters

I have been blessed to hold this mantel in a time of great change, the course of the river will soon change.


The course of things is never as stone, set for all time. Not as the Shai Cult would have you believe. The course of the river changes if you watch it long enough.

I see these changes coming and I keep thinking back to the beginning of our order. I think of the Realm and their place in freeing of Al-Kawthar from her bondage. How the Dragons returned her to us and again allowed the turning of her seasons. We have been faithful to them for this great deed. It has been many of even their generations now and it is time for us to honor the name of our nation. We are the great flood and it is our place to cover the lands of many.

The Black Beast Fihr Kazi now sits the throne and he to hears her voice in the tumbling of the river. Know her pain and want in the roar of the headwaters. We have had cause to speak often and at length and our god of war agrees that a flood is due.


Akhet: Masika of the Headwaters

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