SanSiego: Bells Ringing Above the Peak

"Our sword taken by the Dragon's Talon...what are the Heaven's plans for us?"


Entry 1:

The Dragon holds Sansiego firm as a jewel fits it’s crown. They have run tests and assure the citizenry that princesses Clara and Ni have been untainted by the… Anathema. The gift and threat has not been lost on me, I am needed now to run the state, till they can train and install someone. Both the girls are young enough, impressionable enough, they could be turned against their uncle. I pray to the mountain Sher does not return now or that he found a quick peaceful end in the desert.

Entry 2:

Their eyes are always on me. I burn each of these entrys as I write them, more an act of defiance and to cement my thoughts in my mind as anything. I need to speak to Shahzadeh. The monks ascended the mountain to speak to the gods – I think that means Sher is still out there. I pray Skye finds him first, before the Dragons do. I pray he can forget us…


SanSiego: Bells Ringing Above the Peak

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