Volivat: Umi Beta Four

Everything obeys the unseen and unheard signals. If you can sing the song, they can only dance.


Umi Beta Four is a lab technician with a decades experience working on homogenized codependency at a wide scale. There exists a commingled forest in Ki lands that was his handy work, though they don’t know what tricks were worked out. To untrained eyes it only seems that healthy trees share their nutrients to a sick one, so minor illnesses are a thing of the past. The leadership deemed him the best to head up this new “project” brought to them by the unrecognized ruler of Lake-country.

His accomplishments have given him a touch of pride above his station, though his closest peers have joked that perhaps the castes are wide things and he knocks upon the door of his betters. This has done nothing to temper his arrogance.


Volivat: Umi Beta Four

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