Thorns: Crumbling Pillar

Formally known as the Prince Resplendent in the Ruin of Ages, he is the lord of the fallen kingdom of Thorns.


It is rare but not unheard of for a Dragonblood of Lookshy to fall on the field of battle. The battles against the Deathlords has created a sizable uptick in unrecoverable fatalities and MIA reports. Men, mortal and Dragonblooded alike, have been lost in battles against demons as well. Yet, through the ages there have been battles that cost numerous Dragonblooded lives. The most recent the First Fall of Thorns. The Realm supported the city and dozens of Dragonbloods died on both sides. This is where Crumbling Pillar was born. A broken colossus of the battlefield dealt a mortal blow to the head.

None can say know which side of the battlefield the soldier belonged to. In truth, many on both sides know the truth of the Immaculate Order and the fate of their soul. The fate of lowly placed soldiers and Princes of the Earth worth sacrificing in a puppet war. To such men, the promise of greater conquests and the chance to reap great rewards and glory, such souls can be swayed. Crumbling Pillar served as a commander that never had an opportunity to lead any forces, leaving him little more than a strong armed assassin and bounty hunter for the late Mask. Since his passing, he has taken direct control of the Necropolis of Thorns and has been busy getting his fellow deathknights in line and the cities denizens accounted for and brought to heel.


Thorns: Crumbling Pillar

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