Dan-Far-Noh: Erdogan Badem

Guild Merchant and Brave Man of the Almonds


Erdogan joined the Guild as a caravan hand when he was still a young man, braving man arduous journeys north and south; east and west. Working hard and coming from a tradesmen’s background, he rose in the Guild until he became a caravanner himself. He reached out to his younger brother who still tended to the family almond plantation and brought those nuts to foreign markets, raising the families wealth many times over. His wife and family grew up surrounded by the old family on the farm while he roamed the world to further the family. But, in time, weariness and loneliness found him and he returned to the family lands outside Dan-Far-Noh, opening a caravansary in the city and acting as chief Guild operative there.

In time, his own son grew up and Erdogan wished him the same full life and experiences that had helped him grow. Finding a caravan with a god, a priest and a score of guards – he sends his only son, Aylnur, out to become a man and greet the world.


Dan-Far-Noh: Erdogan Badem

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