Ember: Rosh'Tamumua

Middle Volcano God of Ember


Rosh’Tamumua is the sleeping brother who holds his strength in the earth. Rare is it for his volcano to release ash and never pyroclastic flows, it seems content to vent most of the volcano’s strength upon the water courts, their battles evident in geysers and hot springs. Wong Bongerok watches on, wondering after the purpose for such an exercise but content that the volcano does not overly affect the mortals in the region or the careful regulation of the weather, particularity in these most difficult of times.

The mortals for their part have come to appreciate the “waters of battle” and see them as a sacred offering of the gods that can wash away disease and ward away evil spirits. Many temples with sacred pools and baths have been constructed along the banks of the volcano – ever nearer to the live clashes of fire and water.


Ember: Rosh'Tamumua

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