Gem: Nadimer, God of the Dusk Road

A path for man - sheltered from the sun...


How long have I been? Not as old as some, not as young as others, but walked more than most. The Road of Dusk, a road carrying more treasures than nearly any road in Creation. Men as such creatures of habit – walking the same paths over and over and over again. What would I have to fear…but men themselves.

Gods too make mistakes. I gave in to my greed as many do – wanting to leverage the influence of my road ever more. Moving from the safe seat of the Lap, center of so much trade, for the tip of my tail in the hot climbs of Gem. Perhaps I wanted to lord over Sulerist, an ancient god now brought far lower than myself…stand over him I still do. But, these humans, they move so quickly when they want to and now I see the levers of trade pulled by their hands, steering wealth and footfalls from my cool dark passes. I no longer feel as much cool water spill on my rock hard scales. I sense the musk of mule, oxen and camel fade from me.

If I were in the Lap still, the Immaculates would set to rest this upsetting of the gods. The very natural order is being upturned by the childish games of these short lived thingsss!

Gem: Nadimer, God of the Dusk Road

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