Gem: Savosol, God of Lost Miners

When the ground quakes and smoke billows from the tunnels - women and children pray to Savoso for their husbands fathers and brothers.


Bedecked in candles smelling of dust and standing hunched as if working in stooped mines for decades – yet standing tall and appearing to have the strength to move boulders and men alike. Indeed, Savoso has been seen many times carrying a broken miner from the mines like a child – the man maimed but alive…in a city like Gem, who can say if that is truly a blessing. The sad truth is that there are seldom survivors of cave-ins or gas catchments, many prayers are for what the god can not deliver – becoming dust in it’s mouth. Such a state of affairs is indeed frustrating for a god, more so because miners are invariably the poorest of Gem and thus sacrifices of the poorest quality.

This frustration has left Savoso lost and grasping – does he strive the harder to rescue men from the mines for a pittance? Lobby for safer mines or more dangerous, court the foreman and trade-lords, strive our lounge? These are the way men’s minds work and so Savoso continues to struggle, working within his ordained purview, growing in frustration and disgust.


Gem: Savosol, God of Lost Miners

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