Lair/Champoor: Moonlight Shadow


When I look at the other Walkers, I always find many hours have passed by the time I blink. Now, I don’t mean looking at them with my eyes, but thinking on them in my mind – reflecting on them. The Pact, they cling so – so much to the human. We each of us should have our totem that is fixed till the end of time. We each have our caste that shall not break or shift as the world churns around us. They look upon us and think the Walkers mad shifters that cannot hold a true identity for more than a few moments. I suppose that will only get worse with the Sower rising up from the mists of antiquity. The stories of him shifting every twenty-five years…we are not really like that, most of us.

No, we are of the Fickle Lady – a Goddess who has changed with the ages and for her fluidity…has not broken. Think on the Loom, that snarled and broken thing…would you think the Star-Chosen and their gods whole and sane? Look upon mighty Sol – what must such a powerful being feel to slow his pace and gaze long upon a lesser Creation? What broke Creation did not break us – we broke ourselves!" So many faces forgotten – while our Lady yet holds all of hers. When she meets with us at our birth, does she think with a deep woeful air, “O my poor broken children – what have you done to yourselves?”

Many things become lost in the dark. Lost when we can no longer face what we are or the horrors of a burning world. Darkness is an enemy, but to one who can brave the dark…thrive in it – what light can be found? Can the lost things be returned? Can the broken be minded? I say, never with chains – we must discover who we are and be ready to adapt. In this way we evolve with trial and tribulations…is that not better than cracking and losing shards of oneself? The Walkers are the only path to be walked – we only need to open the eyes of our brothers and sisters. Show them that these chains are not of our flesh…that we can shrug them off!


Lair/Champoor: Moonlight Shadow

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