Lair/Industrial Estates: Louka


The homes of the Lair do not sprout from the ground as freely as the crops, despite what the goats of the House might assume. That there were those that tended to building and engineering was no well-kept secret, but being one of those tasks where goats and wolves tended to work together in all the domains of the greater Lair, these artisans often went undiscussed. To compound the problem, there was no great need for them once a building had been completed – while the lands outside the Lair would suffer the wear and tear of time and elements, once something in the Lair had been built, no such complications afflicted these lands.

So, but for the occasion of new building, improvement, or expansion, the architects may as well be ghosts more often than not. With the population being largely fixed, and the recently-awakened Lord’s apparently ability to simply will construction into being, the workload for this most recent generation had been less than hoped for.

West Fort Expansion had provided some opportunity, but the persistent absence of the Lord’s Consort, who for whatever reason insisted upon overseeing the matter despite lacking experience in the art, stymied the whole project.

Under these circumstances, it was little surprise that when Drums of War had requested capable builders in his territory, and the lords had given their blessing, that the architects were some of the first to sign up – Louka chief amongst them.

The last major project he’d been tasked with for the Lair was the Greywood housing expansion to accommodate the Children of the Grey, a construction that had to be undertaken with some haste to make room for the sudden influx of newcomers. The time frame had not allowed for much artistry in the construction, a fact that chafed him – descendant of the builders of the past, coming now into his middle years with no opportunity to claim his own masterpiece.

Now, he finds himself summoned back to the Lair on short notice, after the departure for the Hare’s Industrial Estates. In the time since, it seems, the Wolflord has crafted many great works for the young Florian, so what purpose could this possibly serve, if not just to rub it in?

Lair/Industrial Estates: Louka

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