Lair/Lookshy: Drums of War


I love it when Ma-Ha takes people down to the garage, well, I like going down there and hearing about it. Takes me back to the good old days working with the same oily metal in the underbelly. Going home to nieces and nephews hugging all over – my sister-in-laws excellent traditional cooking. The pickled veggies! Gods, it was a simpler time, but a warm one.

Now I’m alone more often than not with the chill of the air through my hair. No warmth but the distant companionship of my fellow Walkers. I know I have it better than most. I guess some would just see me as the errand-boy, but I get to see everyone, and who else can fly half so well? No, I’m happy, happy that I’m alive and that I get to spend a few moments with friends…even if I miss the long holidays with my family. I wish they could see how little has changed, but it just reminds me how much needs to.


Lair/Lookshy: Drums of War

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