Lair/Industrial Estates: Luc


With much of the Away Team moving on to the Industrial Estates, it was only natural that their chief medic should follow.

Accompanied now by a small gaggle of students, Luc is not entirely trusting of the technology employed within the Estates, and would not be caught anywhere near it in the ordinary course of events – he is happy enough to listen to the theory, or of how it works, but touch it…? Certainly, never!

However, with this kind of machinery, and all this clanging and banging and burning and cutting, there are bound to be injuries, and so he finds himself with no shortage of patients. Better yet, proximity to the Lair means that he can often enough return home to borrow out more books, and so he finds himself very well-occupied between work and recreation.

Luc is among the few who sees himself as a clear pick for the away team, and in fact came recommended by the Goat’s favored Greywood exile, Genevieve. Certainly the team would need a medic, a real wolf field medic – not one of the politicking nurses of the Lair. His kind were stunningly few, viewed as triage only – keep the men alive until they reach inner territory, nothing more – a point which he vehemently fought against.

If there is any point against him, It is that he is more scholarly than practical, and he remained for a time unaware of the caveat affixed to Genevieve’s recommendation. She indicated that the Goat should be sure to push him towards field work, and keep him away from his books.

It was a surprise to both when it was announced that Genevieve and her children would also be on the team. While Genevieve is pleased, Luc has yet to voice an opinion on the matter of his continued tutelage.

Lair/Industrial Estates: Luc

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