Lair/La Vigne Étalée: Lyna


With the Away Team dissolved, Lyna assumed she’d be returning to West Fort – until she was summoned by Renaud and the Wolflord’s consort.

With New West Fort approaching completion, and its role serving the to-be-established trade camp, they needed someone with her particular skills. She would be based out of New West, serving as a communications agent between the locations to either side – an absolutely vital role, as they could not establish a link to the Wildrose network out this far.

The time in Rathess had lent her new confidence, so she accepted the posting gladly…even if New West is still a bit of a ghost town, at least she has leave to return home to West Fort freely until things become more active.

Based out of West Fort, Lyna was one wolf which Renaud fought not to give up. A decent treetop combatant and excellent runner, Lyna had quickly become the heart of field communications – which, the Goat argued, was precisely why he needed her.

This change puts Lyna in a strange place – she had proven herself at West, but her reputation had not yet had a chance to blossom. She has mixed feelings about the new post – surely the rumors of this team had spread with some excitement and jealousy amongst all the wolves, but leaving the fort may not bode well for her personal career. The best she could hope for was a later recommendation, if they ever returned at all.

Still, Renaud seems to trust the Goat – misgivings aside – so she has made up her mind to try to respect her commander’s feelings in this matter.

Lair/La Vigne Étalée: Lyna

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