Lair: Killian


One of the younger members of North Fort, Killian’s family has been here since the start – rumor holds that he is Édith’s grandson, but if this is the case, she certainly shows him no favoritism.

Originally stationed to the fort itself as support, Killian managed to convince Jocelyn to rotate him to the Scouts despite having a rather quiet and soft manner. If he did this initially in an attempt to prove himself – he had generally been panned as a home crew “lifer” – no one will say so. His first outing led him into conflict, the party dragging itself back in a sorry state which left Jocelyn furious and gnashing her teeth at the Lair’s refusal to increase their staffing. Despite lasting wounds, however, Killian did not retract his request – rather, the battle seemed to have lit a previously unsensed fire within him.

At home, Killian still behaves much the same. Tangi, though, loudly proclaims that Killian is a madman in the field, fearless and indispensable to the Scouts.

No amount of combat prowess exempts a man from the rumormill of the Lair, however, and the joke whispered behind raised fans is that he pulls off such a trick by simply pretending that each enemy has the face of Édith.


Lair: Killian

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