Lair/Industrial Estates: Rainier


Having reconnected with Albine during the operation to Rathess, Ranier followed her to the Industrial Estates. The work there was not entirely what he’d had in mind for himself, and he still imagined himself as a guard to this new posting…or, at least to his cousin, as she began to get closer to the Outsider.

To his surprise, though, the Hare did not argue with his determination to guard the grounds – only, in time, suggesting that maybe improvements could be made to Ranier’s beloved halberd. Of course, Drums of War was too occupied with his own projects to undertake this directly, but he could certainly offer advice.

And so it was that Ranier found himself caught up in the affairs of the Industrial Estate after all.

Another of the House Guard and Albine’s cousin, Ranier suffered from the same lack of purpose once the master awoke. Defying the traditional posting of his family, he applied out to forts but received the same rejection, that House Guard were ill-suited for the trials of the Darkwood, however elite they may be within the open lands of the Lair. The spite in these words were clear – once, his position had been coveted, but now…now, South’s offer of a provisional posting – probationary posting! – was the deepest insult.

Neither was Ranier selected by the Goat – in frustration, he lay his halberd at the feet of the Wolf and requested he continue his post abroad. Strangely, this petition was accepted, though the answer was distressingly slow to be handed down. This has cast his confidence somewhat in doubt, but he is eager to rebuild his once-lofty credentials.

Lair/Industrial Estates: Rainier

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