Lair: Bernhardus

From the forest and to your plate, overseen at every step.


Few wolves ever seek to stay in the Lair, away from their own kind. The few that do seek to be near the Wolf and are not so lonely for the nearness to their lord and the barracks they share. Such a position is chosen and holds its own kind of prestige. Most others that find themselves near the Lair are cripples, invalids, and the aged. Burying the dead, harvesting firewood and other such honorless and banal task are their lot. So, when the position of chef opens, it is such as these that snap and fight for the toque.

Bernhardus had been one of these cripples. Haling from the northern fort, he’d been wounded hunting his namesake within the Darkwood. Many talons jangled from the handle of his ax from successful hunts, but such is the way of nature and fate. The wounds along his back and flanks were deep and even after months of convalescence left the body aching and stiff. His post with his friends and family was not renewed and so he left with a sorrowful heart and wounded pride for the Greywood to hunt softer game. Still held to be a skilled huntsmen with a knack for picking up scents, he was widely regarded to be a top contender when the current chef retired or died. Five years passed before a stoke left the poor chef with trembling hands and a forgetful mind, so the estate manager pressed him to step down and take his shame into the shadows.

Bernhardus narrowly bested his competition, other seasoned warriors and hunters themselves, to don the toque. He’s held the post for a decade, reigning over several soirĂ©es and no too few calibration events. All hold his meat dishes to be impeccable. Still, Bernhardus is quick to recognize his staff, Larique foremost for dealing with the overpowering herbs and sauces! Some wonder if there is a relationship there, rumors Bernhardus scoffs and frowns as he again tells the mewing goats of his happy marriage. Though, in better times of a more playful spirit, he’ll joke his daughter causes enough trouble to have some goat in her.


Lair: Bernhardus

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