Volivat: The Meatmen

They are not men.


Eta are typically not even spoken of. They are hidden from view and their faces covered when they must be around their betters. They tend to those tasks no Yennin should soil himself with. Namely, these tasks include: recovery and burial of the dead, handling of sewage, hauling away of refuse, subjects in experimentation, and payment for foreign blood-debts. Still, such tasks inure them to the vileness of the world and hardens their spirits against freight or disgust. They are well accustomed to dead flesh and disease. Of all the life-loving Yennin, they are the ones that see behind the veil to the truth.

A final note, the older an Eta, the higher its standing. One that has gone to grey has proved itself willing to listen to the man. Clings more to what it wants to be than what it is.


Volivat: The Meatmen

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