Prasad: Passage of Suffering

"Yojimbo to Garm'rok, be wary of his protective nature and avoid his shadow." -Water Court Petitioner


Passage is among a brotherhood of ancient Jokun that fought beside Garm’rok during the Balorian Crusade. Of the hundreds that fought in that struggle, a handful remain. Passage himself was nearly slain when he took a terrible blow in the dragon’s stead, the steely hoof of the behemoth driving deeply and cracking his stoney form. Passage has never forgotten that scrape with death and carries the memory close to his beings essence. He also recognizes that Prasad would not exist, the Faceless tribes, or the coasts of the Dreaming Sea…none of it, if not for the leadership and implacability of Garm’rok.

Passage believes wholeheartedly in Garm’rok’s dream. That one day the Dragonbloods will march beside elementals and drive back the Fae. That the essence of his brotherhood will be honored and their rebirth into the world safeguarded. For that reason, no harm may ever come to Garm’rok. Neither heaven, hell, nor by man’s hand – he is the dream.


Prasad: Passage of Suffering

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