Yu Shan: Pellucid Stream Skipper

As well call me Pell, the rest changes often enough as to be forgotten.


Pellucid has served Yu Shan for several centuries, his fated birth falling just decades before the Balorian Crusade. Where traveling among mortals had been exhilarating and interesting, in modern times it is more often a bore. It all has become work and the moving of messages a trial. Dreams and thoughts on the long dusty roads often went back to lazy trips on essence rails or great sailing ships that were more city than anything. Moving among the crowds of a dozen or more nations, it was a simple thing to keep the whole of the world informed then. The mortals themselves did so much of the work and the gods of those things were pleased, holiday back in Yu Shan a blessed time for want of nothing. Now, it is difficult to inform a neighbor some two hundred miles distant that their rival king is under new leadership. It’s not only the distance, but the doubt.

In Pellucid’s eyes, humanity has well and truly fallen. A posting in the new “Realm” did nothing to change his mind on the matter either. The Houses only listening to what came from above, clouds of misinformation and rumor that held no weight in a pitiful attempt to undermine rivals, and still messages traveled no more than a score of miles in a day even with their “Imperial Post”. The Faction of the Scales had well and truly failed. Few formal factions existed in the Age of Stars, but now, defectors were legion. Falling in and out of the forming and dissolving cliques, Pellucid finally found a home with the Shepherds of Lead. The argument being, in so long as the Chosen of the Stars must carry the will of Yu Shan in Creation, it might as well be an enjoyable experience.

After several decades of being assigned to the North after communication rates had fallen to historical lows, the Skipper has returned to the South East. Here, more than anywhere else, humanity is beginning to regain some modicum of their lost knowledge. Seat to second Empire of the Age and one not built from the rubble of something once greater than itself. It is a joy to be home.


Yu Shan: Pellucid Stream Skipper

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