Thorns: The Seven-Degreed Physician of Black Maladies

I suppose you’re wondering how you lived through that. Explaining your new situation is going to take some time.


Keeping his history to himself, for the most part, Physician prefers to work rather than gossip or play. He takes his role as a physician seriously and continuously hones his craft and grows his knowledge. Though callous to his fellow Deathknights, there is a spot of kindness that he shows towards his patients and creations. When pressed, he tells others that it is the obligation of a doctor to calm the patient and help them acclimate to their new settings. No true kindness, it is another carefully practiced and executed technique. The few times the Physician has had to work on his peers – this change has been a most disorienting and strange experience. One that lingers long after going under the knife. It is for this that some of his compatriots believe him completely mad.

Which the Skyfall there were countless bodies and souls ripped in-twain. Not content with simple zombies or catatonic ghosts, the Physician has orchestrated a great system of blanketed preservation magics and has been slowly working through his great backlog. While not classically trained in mentalism, he has aided many ghosts through the worst of their grief, focused on those artisans that could help his operation when clear of mind. In more resent months, he has finally begun working on the raw meat… many have noted greater bounce in his step.


Thorns: The Seven-Degreed Physician of Black Maladies

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