Shandir Woods: Yveron the Candle


Shandir Wood is a strange place on the edge of Haltan territory. Far from the front lines, they rarely see even the rumor of conflict reach their boughs. Rather, abutting the Glossamar Stockade and her strange lords in Obsidian Wave and Plestara. The two kingdoms conduct wary trade and have stranger diplomatic relations. Standing outside the Haltan accord with the Emerald Court, Shandir is open to a wide range of predation, but through Haltan diplomatic pressure and ties to Glossamar wood, Shandir Woods is largely left to it’s own devices. Pressed more into more open relations with the Fae and an exchange of ideas and trade than any form of blood or life based offering. A situation many outsiders consider perhaps superior to Halta’s own, though through the centuries Halta has come to fully support the sacrifice of war criminals and failed adults.

In truth, Sandir Woods is not simply protected by Halta’s diplomatic strength. The war with the Linowan’s must be won one day and when that happens, the tithe to the Fae will fall on Haltan citizens. Before that day comes, a solution must be found. Sandir Woods is then an experimental ground to find new methods and leavers to work with the Fae. How they can be balanced against each other and how Fae might be encouraged to take on nurturing roles, perhaps under the leadership of a Lunar led empire.

Yveron is the agent that works with Sandir and Glossamer Stockade. The voice that speaks with Obsidian Wave and Plestara. The student working tirelessly and with sole focus on solving the great burden of peace.


Shandir Woods: Yveron the Candle

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