Prasad: Taj'fifh Cultivator of Bones

Nymphs...must remember to bury the bones, always, or there will be holes in the shimmer.


Taj’fifh is a master artisan, able to construct the most breath taking mirages. Yet, unlike many of it’s kin, it has come to find that something too perfect is placed under greater scrutiny and can crumble. Imperfections, dead leaves and sickly grasses are woven into the greater beauty of the work, luring in thirsty men and animals to die in the sand. Tilled under, the Death’s Glimmers enrich the dead soils of the desert to prepare them for the Turpeharen to create a true oasis. From death, life might flourish and without those sacrifices, no tree can grow in the wet sucking sand. The more that fall for such illusions, the stronger and more sustaining the future oasis will be. So it is that Taj takes great pride the the lives it has taken and is help in high regard by it’s own kine and the Turpeharen that depend on his work.


Prasad: Taj'fifh Cultivator of Bones

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