The Rookery: Dirge Singer

All dead are equal in their secret yearning for rest, yet none could match those that still draw breath.


This death knight has many reasons to sing his laments. Undeath, Abyssaldom, it has not been kind. So many have died and it has left Dirge withdrawn, contemplative, and filled with a cold rage. Rage that is merited out often, rumors and half-truths swirl about the court regarding the number of death knights felled by his hand.

To receive a visit from the Dirge Singer away from court is to contemplate one’s own funeral. Have they discovered some past trespass? Much akin to death, there is no bargaining. Afterall, the Dirge enjoys his work, finding a cold satisfaction that is a balm to his wounded heart. The more tormentors and sociopaths laid low – maybe one day the scales will be evened.


The Rookery: Dirge Singer

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