The Rookery: Serhat Sopa-dokumanci

Serhat Stong-wing, skilled scourer of the Great Savanna


The well muscled Pazuzi, feathers coated in the the dust of constant travel, bows deeply towards the massive ebony desk. The shape looms large even seated, papyrus and vellum scrolls stacked a foot high in places, “Your will be done. I will assist this newcomer hu-man and will see that reports come in with all due frequency. As to the other matters, everything will be communicated in the Council cypher and I think there will be little enough to worry about there. My blade is ready in the case than my instincts are wrong.”

The shape rises, dull black, bladed feathers that neither sparkle nor shine as they ruffle, “That is good, I knew you would be the one for the job Sehat. This is a time of growth in the nest, perform your duties well and perhaps you will fly as high as your moniker says.” A metallic laughter booms from the being, unnerving, as Serhat bows again and leaves the room.

Userped by Hakki Sopa-dokumanci.

  • Commands a scale of twenty pazuzi rangers/hunters/and scouts.
  • Most attributes are in the three range.
  • Force fights with javelins and spears in aerial combat and operate primarily at night.

The Rookery: Serhat Sopa-dokumanci

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