Varangia: Ranu the Silence

The Silent Taker in the Hills and Lord Bandit of the Silent Ones


Ranu, the Silent Taker in the Hills. He has long been a bane upon travelers between Ember and the west, leading many to carry their goods north and into the lake lands. Certainly not the only threat, as Delzhan can be capacious and have scoured caravans in the past as well, it is still a wonder to many that the horselords have not eliminated the competition long ago. Still, those within the Guild have learned much and it appears that Ranu is largely outside the travels of the vaster hordes and within the stories of the Delzhan, the creature resides deep in the earth. Creeping down from rocky crags and seldom lingering in the sandy flats, it evades the Delzan as morning mist.

Ultimately, the being appears interested in wealth for some alien reason. Never descending from the hills with the least scrap of jewelry or flair about its person or even taking all that much. The sand claiming as much or more than the grasping hands of the fae. Ranu does not capture or haul human livestock back to its lair either, content to take its fill in the raids themselves. No, the terror of the monster is that it leaves those that survive, beast and man, without voice or even the ability to make sound. Few linger long in this world, leaving their homes and families with nothing more than the clothes of their back.


Varangia: Ranu the Silence

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