Yu'Shan: Nazri of the Lost

Heir of Fire and Chair of the Southern Convention


Nazri Exalted immediately after the Usurpation. His first service to the Perfect Lotus involved the stalking and killing of masterless demons that ravaged Creation. Never a true believer of either the vision of Gold or Bronze, perhaps due to being born into the harsh decades when the world burned, he looked more towards his native South and the gods for a sense of place. In time his dedication allowed a bond to bloom in those burning sands, a friendship between a young but devoted Chosen of the Stars and an equally devoted and widely respected Celestial Censor, Swan Dragon, Censor of the South. This friendship was an anchor for both of them, the root of humanity and humility, in their lonely quest to see good works done.

Many centuries later, the Great Contagion and the Fair Folk invasion destroyed almost everything that Nazri knew and nearly everything he’d accomplished. The Contagion annihilated his homeland, countless cultures and civilizations – then the Wyld consumed the land itself. Swan Dragon himself was apparently lost battling the Fair Folk, the worst blow of all. After the Empress “saved” Creation, Nazri confronted the leaders of both Bronze and Gold Factions, his heart broken – he poured venom and blame upon the Five-Score Fellowship. In a rage, he denounced them as blind fools who had nearly destroyed Creation by letting their infighting distract them from their one and only duty to the Bureau of Destiny. Nazri was truly alone then, the elder Sidereals, shamed but above reproach – would never look upon or hear him again. Nazri had become an outcast to the only humans he could ever truly know, sentenced to the slow consumption of isolation and insanity.

From then on, Nazri performed his duties with utmost zeal…it was all that sustained and nourished him, though his mind and souls starved still. Yet, perhaps this death of his humanity by bits and pieces made him easier for the gods to understand. Certainly, they appreciated his prodigious efforts to fill the void of Swan Dragon’s loss in the South. In time, those that supported Swan Dragon put their faith in Nazri and upon their good word, he was bestowed the convention of Fire. The renown and position this afforded him drew the eyes of young Chosen and the voices and movements of mortals again filled his life, saving the last visages of his being at the last possible moments. He no longer understands mortals as he once did – he forces Gold and Bronze Faction members to work together when there are the best candidates for a task, no consideration given to their personal qualms. He ruthlessly awards demerits when such groups perform below his high expectations, accepting no excuse.

While countless Elder Sidereals hate him still, the youth learn to hate him now, but Nazri has distanced himself so greatly from the affairs of the Perfect Lotus, that he sits in relative safety within his exile. The gods loyal to Swan Dragon stand beside him and this has turned away countless planned attempts against his life, his character though, that has been dead for centuries. It does help that Nazri has established himself as one of Heavens experts on the Fair Folk and the Wyld, yet, even so, he has been blocked from holding a seat upon the Convention of the Wyld.

Nazri’s other focus is one shared by many of his allies, finding the remains of Swan Dragon or Swan Dragon himself. In this capacity he has spent centuries looking into the Wyld, divining prophecy and pouring over records of Swan Dragon’s last moments, and forming an open information channel with Southern Lunars where it pertains to Fair Folk. For this reason, many Lunars travel to and live in the South – particularly those aligned with the Fangs of Luna.


Yu'Shan: Nazri of the Lost

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