Akhet - DjedankhmerFihrkazi


Fihr Kazi is Established and Living

I said: "I will arise now and see the King-Established-and-Living, Throne of Might. She is elder than these ages; Paisap vomited her from his gizzard in primordial days. Warlords of the old time coming conquering first saw her, a solitary hill in the floodplain, and bade their priests cut the stone into towers and terraces. They destroyed the dragon-stone, but they made Djedankhmer.

She is carven, not built; her halls are one with her terraces, there is neither join nor cleft. Her’s is the beauty of the youth of the world. She deemeth herself to be the middle of the Earth, and hath four gates facing outward to the Nations.

There sits outside her northern gate a colossal leviathan of stone. Its face is wet by the lapping of the waves. When the tide rises and enters its mouth and when it flows out again its gullet rumbles, and it giveth utterance to the words, “Ia, Ia!” and the language is long since dead in which it speaks, and all its kin are gathered to the deep, so that none knoweth what the words portend that it uttereth at the changing of the tide. Some say that it greets the moon as a priest greets its god, and others say that it proclaims the hours, and others that it portends warning.

And at every gate is a marvel not credible until beholden."

Then another answered, "Hark and I shall tell you of Djedankhmer, Seat of Kings. Four steps hath the palace, each appointed with all the treasures of the earth. Its nether most parts are a garden which has no twin upon the earth. Its woods are cedar wood more fragrant than incense and the fish and fowl of its waters are clothed in scarlet and azure splendid as jewels. None enter the garden but they while seven days in indolence, drinking old wine in the young fruit of the wild vines that grow there. Every day servants enter and not for fifteen days are they seen again, for they must pass once and again through the garden to do their daily work.

Once they have had their leisure in the garden of earth’s delights shahs and fakirs ascend a single step to the lower portion of the rock of Djedankhmer. Ascending, its name is the Maiden-Net and descending its name is Luna’s Mirror and its two names are one. Who can count its rooms, for it is, every part, polished to the fineness of a mirror so that standing one may behold ever part by reflection and yet see in each reflected all there shown. So it is said that is is like the Weavers handiwork, every part containing all and all containing every part. Yet when moonlight and starlight shine upon the mirrors there may be seen where the second light falls the Secret of Things, written faintly and in an unknown tongue.

Third is the abode of kings, and it is all adamant and gold, and there is no morning or evening there for the light does not deminish in cloud or shade of night. The throne abideth there, one with the living rock, and he that is seated upon it is the ka of Akhet.

Last is a place which non know, for the king alone enters on the five days darkness, and does not speak of what he sees."

I said, “Even so, tell me yet more! Where is the residing place of the fur and feathers and horns and tusk and trophies of all kinds, such beasts are found no more upon the earth?
Moreover, where is the place of the fountains where even a fool may bath and rise a sorcerer of subtle mind. Do the guards indeed have the face and voice of they whom they seek after? And is the final door the gate to Heaven?”

And he answered, “Go then forth to witness DjedAnkhmer with your own eyes. For its marvels are not credible until beholden.”

Akhet - DjedankhmerFihrkazi

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