Black-Stripe Batu's

Awarded Experience (November 30th, 2017):

152 xp (140 xp spent)

Current Banked Experience:



-04 xp for Archery 0→2
-12 xp for Martial Arts 0→4
-04 xp for Thrown 0→2
-03 xp for Integrity 0→1
-07 xp for Performance 0→3
-03 xp for Lore 0→1
-05 xp for Occult 0→2
-04 xp for Athletics 0→2
-07 xp for Awareness 0→3
-05 xp for Dodge 0→2
-16 xp for Essence 2→3
-08 xp for Reflection Upon Insight Charm
-08 xp for By Rage Recast Charm
-08 xp for Silver Tongue Statement Charm
-05 xp for Medicine 1→2
-08 xp for Reflections Upon Selfhood Charm
-09 xp for Sorcerous Enlightenment of Malfeas Charm (+Emerald Countermagic spell)
-08 xp for This Is Not Me charm
-08 xp for World-Weathering Incandescence Charm
-08 xp for Devil-Tyrant Avatar Shintai Charm

Writing awards:

Nin & Batu Side Scene: 3 xp
Battle Plan: 1 xp
Behind The Curtain: 3xp
There’s Something About Batu: 4xp
Batu and Tenya’s Super Manly Throwdown Extravaganza: 3xp
Above the Fray: 2xp
Who Live in Glass Houses: 2xp

Session awards:

Prelude: 5 xp
Arc I: 20xp total
Arc II: 23xp total

October 20th: 3xp
October 26th: 3xp
November 2nd: 2xp
November 9th: 3xp
November 16th: 3xp
November 23rd: 3xp
December 1st: 3xp
December 7th: 3xp
December 14th: 3xp

Black-Stripe Batu's

The Dragons Shattered Unbanshee