Economy at a Glance


_Subtotal: _

Yearly Costs and Upkeep:

100,000 slaves to replace losses; equating to 37,000,000 Dinars
126,000,000 gallons of water; equating to 10,000,000 Dinars
Various grains and foodstuffs; equating to 5,000,000 Dinars
Various raw materials and finished goods for government use, to include paving stone, timbers and furniture; 1,600,000
Various wages for foremen and administrative and civil servants; ~120,000,000 Dinars
Various wages for guards, watchmen and caravaneers; ~1,000,000 Dinars
Four legions standing army to maintain order in client states; 19,200,000 Dinars
Subtotal: 193,800,000 Dinars

Recent Purchases:

Subtotal: 100 man mercenary contract; 1,200 Dinars
Subtotal: 200 man mercenary contract; 32,000 Dinars
Subtotal: 500 man mercenary contract; 70,000 Dinars
Total Expenses Due: 103,200 Dinars

Income and Revenue Streams:

5,000,000 Carats of Gems excavated per annum; equating to 600,000,000 Dinars
Fees collected from countless monopolies, rents and titles of land usage; 200.000.000 Dinars

Net Worth: 800,000,000 Dinars
Remaining Liquid Assets: 606,096,800 Dinars

Note: With 15% of outgoing and 15% of incoming caravans being waylaid and raided, 30% of total revenues are expected to be lost at current time. Reducing Net Worth to 560,000,000

Economy at a Glance

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