Learning's Oasis

No current anchors, but usually anchored in the back of Shrouded Icon’s shop.

Intimacy: Mathim, my teacher (Passion)

Learning’s Oasis is an open pavilion beside a real tropical oasis in the middle of an endless desert. A man, strangely pale for the deep Southern desert, with a shock of red hair stands in the center. He willingly trains any who approach in the arts, especially painting, speaking in deeply accented Firetongue.

  • Archive (2 points): a Craft (Air) specialty in Painting; characters other than Shrouded Icon can train either a dot of the specialty or the ability, once. Shrouded Icon can, using Memory Mansion Method, use this as a one dot Mentor in Craft, Performance, Presence, Socialize, or Linguistics.

Learning's Oasis

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