Places of Note in Thorns

House of the Entombed Law:
Once, the seat of government was held aloft on the back of Juggernaut for all to see. From every street it’s looming bulk was felt and it’s foul winds flowed through the streets. Since the beast and it’s master fled the city the Deathknights have had to find other environs from which to rule. The House of Entombed Law is so called because it is hidden among the buildings of the city, mundane, another bit of masonry in the city of the buried.

Beggars Wharf:
Those fearful to deal with Thorns and it’s dead populous directly once used this island to conduct trade with the city from a “safe distance”. Guildsmen without experience with the Underworld and more mundane smugglers. Since the city has sunk into the Underworld it is less used but is reportedly the best place to fine mortal foods. In other words, some degree of smuggling seems to continue there.

Reliquary of the Lost:
The last century has proven a time of great loss for Thorns. The war with Lookshy, the rise of the Mask, and the Skyfall. Each of these events shook the city-state to it’s core. In the fight against Lookshy, fire swept through the estates on this isle and ancient lineages were lost forever in the blaze. When the fires calmed and the people returned they found the blooms were lost and only hardy thorn bushes remained. Today the living and spirits both come to place messages pierced on the these thorns hoping a lost loved one might find it. More bitterness than reunion is found here, but it helps move past the loss none the less.

Penance Square:
Though the trees and shrubs are sickly or dead in these modern days, Penance Square remains one of the few large “green” spaces in the city. A place that was once full of sun and laughter, it is a place the dead and living go to remember now. The government is aware of the locations draw and appeal and it has been the location for stockades and public shaming since the Mask was in power.

The Twilight Amphitheater:
This impressive structure sits less than a mile from the Palace of the Autocrat,now know as the House of the Entombed Law, itself a depression in the ground. It is covered by a dome of black glass and black-iron latticework that shades the audience from any rain or wind. The Twilight Amphitheater offered only the finest of entertainments, usually state-sponsored pageants of a vast scale or operas written by the dead in the service of the Deathlord. The Mask of Winters used the Twilight Amphitheater as another apparatus in his vast propaganda machine, attempting to use it to impress dignitaries with the beauty of the city and the culture that the city still retains. Today the cheers are replaced with screams. What remains of the Mask’s forces have re-purposed the amphitheater as a prison. Though a meat market might be more apt.


Places of Note in Thorns

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