The Infinite Stair

Currently anchored between the interior of a deep cave exiting onto Rankar’s Peak (near the exit to The Folded Corridor and the inside of the newest richest tunnels of the mines of Gem.

Intimacy: Always have an escape route (Belief)

The Infinite Stair is a simple spiral staircase of rough-hewn stone. No matter how far you travel along it you do not seem to progress at all – unless you know the stones to look for, that when pressed open secret passages to the exits.

  • Minor Tricks and Traps (1 point): Only a leap of logic brings the characters to the realization that sometimes, forward is not always the way. A successful evasion roll of (Intelligence + [Awareness or Investigation]) lets a character spot another route.
  • Hidden Passages (1 point): Those who take these disguised passages through the stone gain 2 dice on stealth checks.

The Infinite Stair

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