The Nightwhisper, Reposed in Silence


The Nightwhisper is a device forgotten by time. A wonder designed to aid Lunar chosen in the fulfillment of their duties. Duties that included espionage upon rival power blocs and high-profile kidnappings during later periods of the Age of Dreams. Military patrols, infiltration, Wyld surveillance, and various false-flags meant to sow distrust amongst their enemies during the earlier periods.

Lacking the bulk and raw power of other powered armors, stealth units gained in mobility and speed rather than sacrificed it. The reactive cells of the device’s skin is able to shift and reallocate mass while also manipulating texture and color, giving units such as the Nightwhisper a reputation for simply disappearing from sight. The moonsilver wraps around bones of black jade, flexible bones and mutable muscle. <placeholder>

Soak Hardness Mob. Fatigue Cost Attune Hard Points Power Drain
18L/12B 10B/10L 0 2 00000* Personal1 3 Five per hour

Static Effects: Lurking Umbravour

Nightwhisper suffers no power drain when the moon is in the sky. Futhermore, as it drinks the moonlight, it gains a +1 success bonus to any stealth roll where the moon is the main light source.





1 In the process of donning the power armor (taking 30 seconds) you sink your personal into the circulatory chakra system of the device. The flow of the system is efficient, but when ejecting from the device the entire personal pool is lost.

The Nightwhisper, Reposed in Silence

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