Akna received her title (“Lotus Blooming”) because of her openness towards Teman. Anything that he had to teach, she paid rapt attention.

She is extremely curious and trusting, even in her old age. Akna loves to encounter new things, especially now that she has the ability to investigate and discover them for herself.

(Betrothed during the aspect of the New Moon)


By contrast, Patli was a battle every step of the way. Though she doesn’t have an official title, in private Teman calls her “Patli-Never-Satisfied”. Their relationship was built on argument and debate.

A mutual respect eventually developed, but the two of them are still observably stiff with each other. Patli is the sternest and most combative of the wives.

(Betrothed during the aspect of the Full Moon)


Eleui has only been with Teman a couple of years, and has yet to reveal much of herself. Thus far, she is quiet and observant, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed with the wider world.

(Betrothed during the aspect of the ???)


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