Blades in the Wind Bookkeeping

Total assets possible: 40,000 Dinar

Baggage Train:

Goal: Travel for a month without full resupply.
Range: 700 Miles

Beast of Burden Individual Cost Monthly Fodder Cost Carry Capacity Max Daily Coverage Need for Resupply
Baggage Camels 300 Dinar 50 Dinar 400 pds 25 Miles Month
Soldiers 6 Dinar 70 pds 30 Miles Baggage Train + 3 Days
Monthly Costs Solid Asset Investment
1,500 Dinar in Food Supplies 21,600 Dinar in Camels
3,600 Dinar in Fodder Supplies 1,500 Dinar in Medical supplies
3,500 Dinar in Wages 3,000 Dinar in iron/tools/forge
Total Monthly Costs in Desert 8,600 Dinar
Total Monthly Costs in Temperate 5,100 Dinar
Total Solid Assets 26,100 Dinar
Total Liquid Assets
Total Operating Budget in Desert 45 Days
Total Operating Budget in Temperate 76 Days

Other notes:

  • It is necessary for camels to spend at least two months between long journeys (3-8 months on the road) to recuperate, and the best time for that recuperation was in the Season of Fire, when camels shed their hair and the grazing is best.
  • For every 10 loads of food for the soldiers, the caravan needs to carry around 3 loads of fodder.
  • Between posca and bread porridge, a soldier will consume three pounds of supplies a day. A dragon of troops (250 men), 750 pounds. A month of supplies will require 53 camels and an additional 15 camels for fodder. Two additional camels carry medical supplies, extra leather, materials, and logistical records. Two further camels carry a forge and additional metals for mending arms/armor and machining simple tools. Totaling 72 camels.
  • Assuming ability to forage, half ration costs and quartered fodder costs.

Blades in the Wind Bookkeeping

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