Low Born Alchemists, The Study of Minutiae

Many alchemists flock to Dir’Jal from all across Creation, more for the cities reputation than it’s reality. The region is rich with research material for any stripe of thaumaturge, a natural wealth of unique life and chemicals to study well beyond the Azothani. This is often where the foreign or Low Born find themselves, working with the marine lifeforms of the Dreaming Sea, those outside the ancestral Dir’Jali clans having no access to the Azothani in any form, processed or unprocessed forms.

Regardless of their use, the ruling technocracy of the Dir’Jal alchemists look down on such foreign born researchers. These are people who take no risks and who came to Dir’Jal on mistaken pretense, more often than not. Many policies exist to place the Low Born into a station surprising to such learned scholars. Indeed, the Dir’Jali view them almost more like merchants or even fish mongers, selling their wares to the true scientists.

Still, many continue to flock to Dir’Jal regardless of this ill news making its way out. For what reason? Why, the loose ethical structure, particularly among the foreign alchemists, as well as the access to living test subjects. So it is that Dir’Jal attracts a particular kind of foreign alchemist, no benign or benevolent man of science, but self-serving and obsessive parasites.

Metue Senem Sanguinem


Low Born Alchemists, The Study of Minutiae

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