Sorcerous Enlightenment

Five Faces Understanding

Cost: -
Mins: Intelligence 5, Essence 4
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Celestial Circle Sorcery

The sorcerer’s view of raw creation is often filtered through their understanding of the world, be it through words, numbers, or myths. The chosen of Luna look to their patron goddess, whose faces change to reflect aspects buried deep within, and realize that the first step to enlightenment is definition of one’s self. Drawing from the same principles and magics that have granted her a measure of stability in the face of Wyld energy, the Lunar enters into a “miniature trial,” much like the ones that brought her into the respective circles of sorcery. The trial, which lasts the course of a night, involves a state of deep meditation where the Lunar calls upon aspects of herself that reflect the five faces of Luna. Once the night is over and the first rays of the sun cross the horizon, the Lunar emerges with an understanding of how her self and her magic are intertwined.

From this point on, the sorcerer gains certain benefits and drawbacks to various spells, depending on what aspect of the Argent Madonna defined her vision.

Understanding of the Bloody Huntress: The Huntress understands the hunt in all its forms, and that even the most well-prepared hunter will find themselves pressed to the wall and lacking in weapons – and with nothing more than their wits and their bare hands, will eventually prevail. This Understanding grants the Lunar a 10 mote, 1 temporary Willpower discount when shaping spells designed to directly deal damage against large numbers of opponents. Such spells include Death of Obsidian Butterflies, Flight of the Brilliant Raptor, and Magma Kraken. At the same time, however, the Huntress believes in meeting one’s foes head on – if the beast has snuck up on you, it is hard to establish cover twice. The Lunar must pay 1 additional Willpower when shaping a spell that allows her to wholly reflect or absorb an attack without the need for personal engagement. Such spells include Impervious Sphere of Water, Impenetrable Frost Barrier, and Dolorous Reflection.

Understanding of the White Navigator: The Navigator travels midnight roads and shadowed places, to bring light to the lost and chart paths through the unknown lands. This Understanding grants the Lunar a 10 mote, 1 temporary Willpower discount when shaping spells based on recovering knowledge, spreading messages, or charting paths. Such spells include Infallible Messenger, Fugue of Truth, The Eye and the Mouth, and Rolling Earth Carpet. The Navigator, however, will not allow one to fall off the path or lose sight of the truth. The sorcerer must pay 1 additional Willpower when shaping spells that rely on confusion, obfuscation, or lies. Such spells include Malediction of the Distorted Compass, Paralyzing Contradiction, and Private Plaza of Downcast Eyes.

Understanding of the Two-Faced Bride: The Bride is the seed and the soil, the tree and the fruit, the product of all unions. This Understanding grants the Lunar a 10 mote, 1 temporary Willpower discount when shaping spells based on creating or building objects, especially from out of thin air. Such spells include God-Forged Champion of War, Food from the Aerial Table, Water from Stone, and Ivory Orchid Pavilion. At the same time, the Bride hates the touch of rot and watching an object created from their labors falling to unnatural decay. The Lunar must pay 1 additional Willpower when shaping spells that rely on decay and instantaneous destruction (not necessarily attack spells, but spells designed to cause ruin without need for a medium). Such spells include Geyser of Corrosion, The Violent Opening of Closed Portals, and The Princes of the Fallen Tower.

Understanding of the Silver-Horned Watcher: The Watcher sits past the threshold of the world, dancing in ecstasy in the mad light of the Wyld and reflecting that which stares at Creation from outside, waiting patiently. This Understanding grants the Lunar a discount of 1 temporary Willpower when shaping spells based on summoning entities from outside Creation. Such spells include Summon First/Second Circle Demon, Summoning the Lesser/Greater Minions of the Eyeless Face, and The Princes of the Fallen Tower. Furthermore, on spells that require contests of will, such as demon summoning, the sorcerer can impose a -2 internal penalty to the demon’s attempts to resist binding for the price that would normally impose a -1 internal penalty. However, the Watcher shuns the very bones of Creation, preferring the chaos of outside to the stability of the children of Gaia. As such, the Lunar must pay 1 additional Willpower when shaping spells based on one of the provinces of the Elemental Dragons. Such spells include [Element] Dragon’s Claw, Ritual of Elemental Empowerment, Flight of the Brilliant Raptor, and Impervious Sphere of Water.

Understanding of the Walker at the Crossroads: The Walker whispers silent wisdom of the nature of the world, her words permeating the sorcerer’s dreams and showing her the half-light of Essence playing out across the world. This Understanding grants the Lunar a 5 mote, 1 temporary Willpower discount when shaping spells that rely on dreams, spirits, or the raw nature of Essence in sorcery. Such spells include Emerald/Sapphire Countermagic, Unity of Dreams, Spirit Sword, or Incantation of Spiritual Discretion. Furthermore, if the sorcerer successfully shatters another sorcerer’s spell, she may reap a number of motes equal to the caster’s Essence, refilling her Peripheral Essence pool. However, the Walker cannot abide poisonous dreams or delusions that warp a person’s knowledge or corrupt their essential being. As such, the sorcerer must pay 1 additional Willpower when shaping spells that distort memories or impose Compulsion effects. Such spells include Theft of Memory, Peacock Shadow Eyes, Threefold Binding of the Heart, and Droning Suggestion.


Shifting Inner Eye

Cost: 10m, 1wp
Mins: Intelligence 5, Essence 5
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native
Duration: One day
Prerequisites: Five Faces Understanding

The Lunar sorcerer is never truly finished in her explorations. Even after realizing her true self, she knows from the wisdom of the Argent Madonna that there is no such thing as a final truth – just a new base of knowledge from which to explore untested precepts. Once the Lunar has unlocked the Five Faces Understanding, she can undergo the same ritual that helped her realize her true self. As before, the ritual is conducted as the moon rises above the world and ends as it disappears over the horizon. The sorcerer spends the cost of the Charm at the initiation of the practice – this cost is considered “committed” for the duration of the Charm, and cannot be recovered through rest, stunts, Conviction rolls, or other means of restoring Essence and Willpower. Once the Charm is completed, the Lunar’s grasp of herself shifts, allowing her to drop her current Understanding and adopt a new one in its place. This new Understanding reigns until the moon has completed its journey through the skies of Creation once more, at which point the sorcerer’s “commitment” is released and they shift back to their default Understanding.



Credit to: JustinCognito

Sorcerous Enlightenment

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