The Amalgamate, High House of Atherstowe

Though the rule of Dir’Jal would seem a strict technocracy ruled by the three branches, the Atherstowe are writ within the charter as the very owners of the cities heart, the Azothani. The three branches are only able to conduct their research and have meaning through Atherstowe largess. Though they have this absolute legal power over the resources and trade of the city, they are historically very reclusive and distant from any of the levers of governance, or trade for that matter. More, the three branches firmly hold the leashes of the Desanguinare and lesser military assets and should feel secure in there power.

This is not the reality. The city surrenders it’s prisoners and debtors to the Amalgamate for their research, those in poor standing lose their right and are forfeit. It is also likely that the majority of blood sickness outbreaks in Old Town are related to off the book alchemical studies, Atherstowe experiments, though these are blamed on Low Born Alchemists and Azothani fluid breaches. In other words, while the lesser alchemists hold the Desanguinare, they must use them to clean up after the Atherstowe.

There have been cases where individual state alchemists have defied the Atherstowe, but such mavericks tend to silence themselves. It is not infrequent for alchemists, even Albinites, to suffer sanguine metamorphosis. How many of these tragic tales are due to reprisal rather than accident? The reality of the situation is the city is either ignorant of the Amalgamate or in terror of them. They are unbridled lords supping freely from the wealth, life, and resources of the city. Questioned by none and unknown to most beyond a ominous name.

Metue Senem Sanguinem


The Amalgamate, High House of Atherstowe

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