The Frost Light

The massive crystal tower that the city owes its name to has been dubbed the Monolith by the locals. The crystal itself seems inert, if wondrously clear, but on nights of the Aurora Borealis when Luna dances among the Maidens, unreadable runes seem to shimmer within the depths of the smokey crystal.

Savants have been unable to read the runes within, and those who stare too long at them seem spellbound or transfixed by its beauty and have to be forcibly dragged away. It is why the locals avert their eyes from the Monolith during the long dark nights, in superstitious fear of being bewitched by the strange writing. Indeed, there have been those who have died to the Frost Light, but these days it’s almost unheard of, both for the superstition, but also the oligarchs men that patrol the boarders of the Monolith for persons doing what they ought not.



The Frost Light

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