Yu'Shan Notes

So on thinking about the types of trees, I wondered why there are deciduous and evergreen trees. Nothing on that scale is by accident in Creation. Well, deciduous trees follow seasonal changes. They go dormant, which may be them redirecting energy to the court or simply taking rest. Evergreens are found in even harsher areas of Creation. The extreme east and north. They do not obey the change of seasons and rather seems loyal to only nature. They do not go dormant or rest, standing vigil against the Wyld all the year-round.

I decided this must mean that they are not even really the same species. One set of “trees” was created for the Beaurea of Seasons and another for the Beaurea of Nature. The War of Trees between Halta and Linowa, the Realm thinks it is only some barbaric practice when it is motivated by the gods as a proxy war between Seasons and Nature.

I also thought about what amber must mean in Creation. It can preserve a specimen for eons. Many trees purge some degree of this in spring. The thought is for trees in the Beaurea of Seasons it has something akin to the waters of the River Lethe. Concentrated wood essence that can keep a bodily form preserved, wards disease spirits, and with the additive for deciduous trees – induces a restful dreaming stupor. It would be used in amulets to ward disease, ground into a powder to be used as a preservative in place of salt in the far East, and in some regions boiled down and the fumes imbibed for rest and to treat the ill.

This finally brought me to Yu’shan and the heads of the Bureaus as well as their relative power. It was intended that each bureau be lead by an Incarnae: Heaven/Sol, Fate/Maidens, Seasons/Luna, Humanity/Autochthon, and Nature/Gaia. Heaven was meant as an oversite body to keep the other bureaus in balance. However, the friction soon led Luna to abandon Seasons to aid her beloved, becoming an advisor to Nature and a staunch ally even today. In the power vacuum left behind and with no god of equal standing to take the stoll of power, the responsibilities were divided up between the individual seasons and much efficiency has been lost ever since. Autochthon soon abandoned Creation and humanity has been without any real guidance or direction – the gods of Yu’shan still finding the autonomous processes that governed his office confusing…those that remained after his departure. Sol soon suffered spiritual pain for his betrayal of the Primordials and his struggle against the Geis, his karmic debt collectors were in every shadow, and he became reclusive from public life and public office, leaving the Bureau of Heaven in disarray. When Gaia left, the Bureau of Nature suffered much the same, but the Elemental Dragons were able to step in with the guidance of Luna. Only the Bureau of Fate retained it’s leadership and has thus become the most influential of the Bureaus in modern times.

Yu'Shan Notes

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